Amsterdam Conference Center

The Amsterdam Conference Center is a modern conference venue housed in the old Commodities Exchange ("Beurs van Berlage"), designed by the early modernist Dutch architect Berlage - an architect who left a significant mark on the city, being responsible for a major extension in the south of the city in the early 20th century.

The conference center is located right in the historic city center, located just a few blocks walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station.

General information on the venue is available here including a virtual tour.

Navigating the Venue

When you enter from the street (Damrak 243) and walk straight on, you
will be in the Beursfoyer (0.3). To your right is the Grote Zaal
(0.2) ("zaal" stands for hall in Dutch; "kamer" stands for room).
There, all breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches, afternoon demo/poster
sessions as well as the PODS Reception on Sunday evening will be held.
Also, all sponsor stands are located in the Grote Zaal. To your left are
the Graanbeurszaal (0.5) and the Effectenbeurszaal (0.4). Both
are large halls, of which the latter will be used for all plenary
sessions. Upstairs are the other, smaller, halls and rooms:
Administratiezaal (1.1), Mendes da Costa kamer (1.2), Verwey
(1.4), Berlage zaal (1.9), Ontvangkamer (1.10),
Veilingzaal (1.20).